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MVH sees record number of quizzers!

We had a brilliant quiz last Friday night - welcoming over 70 adults and a number of children to the hall. As you flooded in, we were becoming concerned whether we would have enough space for everyone, and if we would run out of hotdog ingredients. But after pulling out more chairs, tables, pens and pads, everyone settled in nicely for an evening of intellectual entertainment and high end food ;-) We were also delighted to welcome newcomers from Farmborough who brought friends from exotic South Wales! Serious quizzers!

Martin Ward did a terrific job on the question setting and even with multiple choice options, we were all mentally challenged. The highlight was the 'What happened next?' round - a succession of TV excerpts that seemed to consist mostly of people getting horribly hurt or eaten by lions. It was funnier that it sounds! There was also a lot of head scratching going on during the Dingbats round as we tried to discern the Catchphrase style diagrams. And due to the picture round, everyone over 40 now knows what Ariana Grande looks like....

Last year's winners of the village quiz - Yew Badger Yew - were hotly pursued by The Dinosaurs and Gregory's Girls until they were overtaken by both. Well done to The Dinosaurs (The Moons & Simmons et al) who won by a margin of 8 over Gregory's Girls. They took away a solid plastic trophy and a bottle of cheap prosecco.

The usual raffle was also held - with some items generously donated by Truespeed which contributed magnificently to the £400 grand total raised. Another nice sum to go towards our improvement fund. So thank you so much to all who attended and contributed to another great evening at the hall with friends and family.

With thanks to Martin Ward for being a fabulous compere; high tech scoring undertaken by young Joe Baker and Tom Jacobson; and Alison, Sue & Shena who slogged over the licensed bar, hotdogs and ice-cream. You'll be pleased to know that we scraped by on the catering with one sausage to spare in the end...phew!!

Some enjoying the BYO event more than others....

Raffle prizes - some of which were donated by Truespeed

The hall was packed!

Hi tech scoring assistants - Joe Baker & Tom Jacobson

The Dinosaurs at the top of the leader board. Worthy Winners!

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